The day it all began

Sunday morning is here. The long awaited, much apprehended start of the OSCP course. I had read up about good ways to prepare for the course and found tulpa (Tulpa_Security) had wrote an amazing guide on OSCP preparation and advises to read Georgia Weidman’s Penetration Testing: A hands on introduction to hacking which I have been working through the last month. This book is a really good starting point to anyone interested in getting into security and gives you a good foundation knowledge and understanding of the core security principles and a lot of hands on lab work for you to gain insight into the five phases of hacking:

Phase 1 | Reconnaissance.

Phase 2 | Scanning.

Phase 3 | Gaining Access.

Phase 4 | Maintaining Access.

Phase 5 | Covering Tracks.

Following on from tulpa’s review, (which can be found here), Here he states:

take the time to work through the PDF and videos to the very end, before going into the labs. You will save yourself a great deal of heartache in the long run.

Which to me makes sense therefor it is the approach I am going to take, therefor today I shall work through the pdf and videos and see if I can get through a fair chunk of both today.

Here goes nothing….

7 years ago


    1. Hi there, Yes it is going very well. Always a challenge and pretty brutal at times but I have learned more in this short space of time than I could ever possibly imagine. Have you started the course or are you thinking of starting it ?

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